Nokia N95 On Grabs

n95_0.jpgThis item is one of my wishlist this year. Happily acquired this on eBay. Its a daft place to get an expensive gadget for most of you but after some careful homework doing via the site for many weeks, I eventually dared myself to get this gadget off the site for more than half of the high-street price.

Though it was airtime-branded (Vodafone), but all that matters for me that it wasn’t a SIM-locked one. I have been eyeing for this since its official release in March, and only successfully acquired this 2 months later. Not bad huh!?

He’s mine. And he’s an Autobot.

Friends say why not getting it off the high-street as some shops might offer it as a free phone. The problem is I’am not keen on being tied up with 18 months contract with a hefty monthly fee. I ain’t a heavy caller as I am more of an SMS person. I just don’t call, or only rarely should I say.

He doesn’t transform!

What beguiled me about this phone is the functions and features. Since I am a net freak, this phone suits me as I can use its WiFi capabilities to use open and unWEPed networks. Reception was reasonably good too though it wasn’t ultra-fast.

GPS is another feature that I am looking for. Although the maps need to be custom installed, that is not a problem not to enjoy the mapping capabilities that the device offers. From plotting your own position in the map to finding a place of interest, it had almost a fraction of what your car GPS navigator (like TomTom) can do. The automated speech is simple to understand, and clarity was a par. Instruction well said and the map was easily understood. You can select your mode as a in walking or driving.


With N95, you can chuck away your iPod if you are just an occassional or moderate music listener, unless you are self-proclaimed 8GB song junkie of course. The capability of storing songs up to 2GB makes this device stand tall just like the rest of the MP3 devices available in the market. You can equalize the songs, sort them by specific categories, assign them as ringtones or alarms, assign in playlists and also displays album covers of the songs that you currently playing.


I just couldn’t ask for more from this phone as i will stick this one for many season to come until a newer and better successor was being released.

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