Tweaking N95

Checked my N95 firmware, and this was displayed;

V 10.0.018 15-03-07
Nokia N95 (41.01)

That shows the firmware was fresh from the production line in March which happens to be the official month of launch of the phone itself.

By the time I acquired this, V was already in circulation especially in Nokia N95 blogs and info sites. Surprisingly not in the official site itself. Even giant corporations like this lack consistency in its release most of the time!

I have gotten the info for this latest update here, just in case you are curious. Note that firmware release are different from region to region. Certain region will have earlier releases compared to other regions.

Here are some comprehensive info if you wish to rebrand your phone. ‘Rebrand’ means to ‘reformat’ your phone getting rid of presets made by your airtime provider such as their boot up logos, settings and certain airtime official midlets/proggies.

We warned that rebranding will void any warranties! Think twice before doin’ it!

Some reference:

  1. Symbian Freak (N95 New Firmware)
  2. Clear Nokia (N95 Rebranding Guide)

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Edmond Cruise
12 years ago

I??d say the Iphone, because while it may seem that the Nokia has a lot of cool features at first, with the Iphone you can buy endless amounts of apps and features with the app store, it??s touchscreen, motion-sensors, 8 or 16 gig, it??s lasts a lot longer than a Nokia phone, and It??s all together a better phone.