Rebranding N95

nss.jpg I am a person of change. I like to change stuff around me to make it more personalised and vibrant. That is why default settings never stay long in the gadgets I own; be it a mobile phone or computer or whatever. I just love extreme personalising as it gave me the sense of identity.

In this post I’m gonna share some tips (which was simplified) to ‘rebrand’ your phone. Be warned that I am not responsible for the damage inflicted on your phone if your tries failed to yield results. Also be reminded that the process of ‘rebranding’ will void any warranties that your phone possess.

Here are the steps;

  1. Download Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) here, and install. (Current version to date is
  2. Plugin the USB cable
  3. Scan new device
  4. Click phone info (top left), 2nd from the left icon
  5. In Production Data Edit, click on Read
  6. Key in new product code, i.e Euro1 0534841. (Please note that NOT all product code supports firmware update as every region’s release is different from one another)
  7. Check enable, and press Write
  8. Double check by clicking on Read to ensure the number was overwritten
  9. Do backup where necessary
  10. Launch NSU and update firmware
  11. Do not DC while updating
  12. Walla! Your phone is debranded!

Sources that you might want to refer to:

  1. The Nokia Blog (Nokia N95 Euro Products & Language Packs)
  2. Symbian Freak (N95 New Firmware)
  3. Nokia Nigel Coldwell (Firmware)

What I can tell is the firmware update is not 100% perfect as it doesn’t let you restore your old backup settings which was a main problem! It happened to me immediately when I wish to restore my backup from my memory card. So I scour around the N95 forums and stumble upon this problem posted by a user which was exactly same as mine.

Q: I did exactly according to instructions. The installation went OK, the phone started and I received one text message and two phone calls in a matter of minutes after I restarted. Then the desktop vanished and when I restarted the phone I got this message when the hands were shown: “Phone start-up failed. Contact the retailer”. This is a nightmare result. What can I do. Helpless

And the answer is;
Problem solved. I found instructions how to hardreset the device (green button + 3 + * while pressing the start button) and I got it running. I found out that the backup I had taken could not be restored. Some of the settings were in conflict with the new version. Anyway, it works well now and I enjoy also more appropriate language pack.

Source: Nokia N95 Debranding Guide

Note: Euro 1 (Plum) 0536062 works to update v.11 to v.12!! (24/7), 0534833 for malaysia

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15 years ago

Memory cards are cheap and a great way of storing all kinds of information. Using it as a back up for phone data is a great choice, but I’m not sure that I would be willing to try it with mine