Pre-Xmas Rants: Procrastination Procrastination!

It was year end and I am procrastinating again. Not for one thing but numerously many things; (sigh)

  1. Eye check due – already been more than a year since I have undergone eye check. My optician already spammed me with letters urging me to fix an appointment ASAP. I wasn’t interested about the getting free glasses with the price of one. The main fascination is the cheap contact lenses that they were offering. Diggin lenses nowadays as I am fed up with my geeky glasses.
  2. Haircut – I always hated long hairs. Being brought up strictly with clean and tidy image, keeping a long hair is a no. And now my fringes has already made close contacts with my eye brows, its already time to let go. Also the sideburn has been thickening. Hate to shave them off clean each time while realising it doesn’t balance well with my already long grown hair at the back.
  3. X’mas presents – especially for mom and my pestering sis. Sis wants a special custom ordered Nike ID trainers with her name on it. Mom wants nothing but I insist of getting her something this year. In the past she has already got jewelry, handbag, watches, perfume, ornaments from me and I’m not sure of what’s next I’m gonna get for her. But yet mom is easier to please than girlfriends.
  4. X’mas cards – haven’t bought any of them as busy lazying during my off-days, plus weather sucks and I have forced myself to make a very good excuse out of that. Lazy bum. Already got my first X’mas card so far. (Thanks Ray!), and I still haven’t make effort yet to post them.
  5. X’mas party bash – a big gathering among friends. Tentatively at Dave’s place. But we haven’t had a proper meeting of delegating duties to cook, organise logistics and suggesting dishes to have on that day. Still unsure when we gonna meet up and discuss this. We’ll be having guests coming down to Plymouth soon (yes Mr & Mrs.Tan and May and Sarmin & Wei Li and and..yeah you). Gosh.
  6. Upgrading mobile phone – have been seriously ogling N91, N92 and N93 in ebay and O2 shops. Drool for one but afraid to spend. Procrastinate further till CNY when the price drop again I guess? Sigh.
  7. Bills – haven’t go to the bank yet cos been busy and lazy. (Blame the weather again)
  8. Web update – my other 3 sites need updates and I haven’t done any of them. Been procrastinating since June. Been receiving complaints from members already about when the new makeovers and revamps gonna take place. But I was too occupied even to start something. Sorry guys.
  9. Going back – haven’t really decided on this. Damn you money and air tickets.
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17 years ago

doncha forget my pressie too ^^
diamonds would be nice. 😉

Me: Wait till i propose 2 u la. Hahahaha. btw which angel iz dis? adoi too many blogger use angels as nom de plumes. *konpius*

17 years ago

Merry X’mas!!!
Bring some chocs for me if you kambing back. If not, have a jolly good winter there…

Me: Chocs can cair lah bang. I belanja hang makan la. Meh pigi Somo mo?

17 years ago

any present for me ah??

Me: Wuddaya want??? Say dun wan anything from me geh? DOH.