Xmas Tune: Classic vs Modern

Growing up with Jingle Bells and Rudolph The Red Nose Raindeer and the likes of it, I got tired and bored with all those old classics with traditional churchy feel. I ain’t religious nor I am a church person but my taste of music determines everything, even up to my selection of X’mas songs. I have long revolted and discarded old classic Xmas song with modern R&B/pop X’mas tunes (new and remake). If you are keen for a change, try these tracks below and let new tunes change your Xmas atmosphere via your players.

Classic X’mas song fans don’t asphyxiate, this section doesn’t suit you. Order is top 10 fave;

1. Last Xmas (Hip-Hop Remix) – Unknown/Dana Prod? (feat. George Michael/Wham)*
2. Every Year, Every Xmas – Luther Vandross
3. Let It Snow – Boyz II Men (feat. Brian McKnight)*
4. This Is Xmas – Dru Hill
5. World Xmas – R.Kelly
6. Merry Xmas Happy Holidays – N’Sync
7. This Gift – 98 Degrees
8. Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Vanessa Williams
9. Hey Santa – Ashanti
10. Christmas Without You – Xscape

*Featured clips in this post.

Other less favorites, but always in my shuffle list during this season;
1. Xmas Time Again – Ashanti
2. Hey Santa – Ashanti
3. Xmas Came To The Ghetto – Avant
4. Why’d You Leave Me On Xmas – B2K
5. Home For Xmas – Danity Dane
6. Santa Baby – Jhene
7. All I Want For Xmas Is You – Mariah Carey
8. Xmas Is – Run DMC
9. Xmas In Jamaica – Toni Braxton (Feat. Shaggy)
10. Christmas Wish – Stacie Orrico

I don’t deny there are some nice oldies that worth listening to such as;
1. Driving Home For Xmas – Chris Rea
2. Xmas In Your Eyes – Gloria Estefan
3. Last Xmas – Wham (definitely a classic!)

Happy blastin’ peeps!

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