Sad News From Home

Just got this news from home that my aunt (wife of my dad’s second brother) was admitted to hospital and soon to be transferred to UMSC or UMMC. The cause? Breast cancer. Sad to say that this is the first breast cancer case that was experienced by our family.

Unfortunately for my aunt, the cancer has gone to a critical stage now. Regrettably, this happened as a result of her own ignorance. Mom had adviced her countless of times but she took it way too easy. And now the outcome is – she is gonna face the fact that she is gonna lose her left breast as a result of mastectomy tomorrow.

Mom told me that she was diagnosed with carcinoma. Carcinoma, which was one of the four major types of breast cancer is a type of malignant tumour that was derived from the epithelial tissue that invade the surrounding tissues or organs. It can spread to lymph nodes and distal sites too.

Surprisingly, her tumour only start developing half year ago in mid 2006. And now, her cancer was already in a life threatening stage that she even have to sacrifce her breast as a result of that. The rapid and unforseeable growth of this cancer cells was indeed scary. Can’t believe how quick it can develope within half year and thus threatening it’s prey.

So ladies, do your check up as regularly as possible to avoid regret.

My sympathies specially goes to uncle and cousins who were affected by it. May god help our family go through this tragedy with perseverence and tough spirits. May you recover well aunt!

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17 years ago

sorry to hear about your aunt. she will be ok soon.

Me: Shud be ok..airport strip on da left is imminent thou.