Coupon Galore

(This is a paid post)
Hey you hear ye’ hear ye’,
Cool stuffs are here to stay,
Read my post ere’, read em’ hey,
Online coupons is what I’m gonna say..

Coupon Chief is the featured name,
Big merchants in them whole lotta fame,
From Dell, Zapos, Gap and Target,
Big names you ain’t gonna forget,
Not forgetting Staples, Bestbuys and Overstock,
Whole lotta varieties, whole lotta stock,
Many items to choose, many items to see,
Click on the names that you really fancy,
Apple is cool, I’m gonna represent,
Whole lotta features you ain’t gon resent,
From free shipping and engraving service,
I-pod is the awesome masterpiece,
Not forgetting Shuffle, half size the original,
Awesome price, looks so reasonable,
Special deals and limited time offers,
In abundance for ya’ll, big haul scoffers,
Get Quicktime 7, end your media hardships,
Or buy Mac and join its annual memberships,
Refurbished bases offering a 99,
Your Airport Express will definitely benign.
Special editions and multiple savings,
Special deals and rebate offerings,
ibook G4 less than a K,
Apple shop does sound OK.
Proceed to the site if you’re curious,
Never too fast, never too furious,
The site is full of goodness gracious,
Take your time now & enjoy your precious.

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17 years ago

i don’t usually comment in “sponsored posts” becos … i hv to admit, i don’t like reading ’em… BUT, i just HAD to applaude you for this entry! More of it is because I like words that rhyme 😉