Sand In, Sand Away

A 6 wheel payloader was here today, pouring sand in front of our gate, and made a quick getaway. It was another minor makeover of our house. To be precise, the temporary kitchen floor. Mom & dad will bring in workmen doing cementing and floor levelling next week.

It seems like the wheelbarrow will be put into full use again after some time of dormancy. Judging from the size of the payload, it was twice the size that we have used to level the compound behind the house.

Upon completion we will have better flooring this time before major makeovers. Other planned ideas is to fit in another spotlight in the kitchen. One of the dogs will be placed behind and 2 spotlight was planned for the side compound lighting.

Residues of the sand will be used to level the coop area which was washed away for 4 years now into the monsoon drain. We had to fill in sand blocks behind the walls to prevent erosion. Seems like more cement work is needed to fill in the gaps and holes.

Still, it was a fun household project our own this year though I be sweating shit out. Our backyard will never be the same again. Some paintjobs and getting the grass to carpet the garden spaces is an awesome sight once done.

My checklist for the DIY week:

  1. Fix door, install hinge and paintjob
  2. Wall paintjob
  3. Arrangements
  4. Filling wall cavity (cement work)
  5. Levelling the coop
  6. Garden grass expansion
  7. Garden levelling (sand out the coop)
  8. Fixing floor, tidying up what the workmen has done (cementing work)

Good excuse for a workout it seems.

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