Real Estate Blog Shutdown

I have decided to shut down my real estate blog by not renewing the domain contract further because I have lost interest. This is the second blog shut down after losing my PR3 scouting blog few months ago due to the lack of professionalism shown by the UK domain registrar that I am with before.

My other projects are taking my time and absorbing my energy away too much that I had occasional headaches. My IM blog is also being abandoned for sometime now as I was chasing up with my client’s projects. I need to chase up with that one and NASR now besides working on Fortelytics.

I bet this downsizing is better of for me to channel my knowledge and energy into something I preferred best. Real estate is a wide and technical subject with needs in doing thorough research before throwing in articles, and I have no more drive in doing that, so…

May you rest in peace, CEA.

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