Done with the websites – good thing. Not done with their webhosting – bad thing. The worse thing of all is all these is none of my fault and all of them is beyond my control. If it was mine, I can at least have myself to blame with. The most shitty thing is to blame someone who are deaf and can’t even entertain you and your plights.

Having 2 projects squatting in my own private webhosting is shit which means repetitive task. You enjoy the completion but you don’t enjoy the outcome as you can enjoy looking and admiring the design, but you cannot deliver them as a workable project for your client.

Your client can look at them and admire them. You get the first down payment, but your final payment was stuck because your project is simply undeliverable. And this is why I will now require a bid bond. What is a bid bond? A bid bond is issued as part of a bid by a surety bond company to the project owner. The owner is then assures that the winning bidder will undertake the contract under the terms at which they bid.

All these made me more determined to get my client out of their bloody clutches. I had lost all faith in them since day one. Malaysia webhosting industry would be better without you guys in HP2U. Shame on you as your tech support has became the biggest time wasting support in your company.

Shape up or ship out you lot. Like it or not, I am moving SK out.

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