Reinforcing TransMY With Facebook Pages

I have long abandoned TransMY’s Facebook Page, and today I plan to jazz them up a little by sprinkling some oldies in the photo galleries. It is in such a disarray as my concentration towards the main site has left this page sidelined for sometime.

Oh well, it does not need much work as membership have been steady there for about 200+ people. Since the page has been made autopilot earlier, interactions still occur but in a very minimal and sporadic manner. It seems like audience knew who is real and who isn’t. I’ll limit the robotic movement from now on by making this page bustling with activity.o

This is going to be a tedious task as the first task that I am going to do is to upload all social events happening in TransMY in the past.

For those who did not realise the power of social media, this is the right time to do it especially if you are running a business, clubs, association, charity etc any nucleus of a society, you are deemed as a social group, and being in Facebook Pages is an advantage if you are seriously passionate about getting your brand name around.

Since I have already had quite a number of steady memberships there from my own personal network, I am not worried about who is looking at the contents or not as I am really sure, someone is definitely looking at them right now.

TransMY @ Facebook Page
TransMY @ Facebook Page

First tip of jazzing up your social media page in Facebook is PICTURES! People love pictures. They are credible proofs if you are running a club of this sort where pics can be used as evidence that your club is really active via the past events that your club has carry out.

I managed to get hold of a lot of old pics from my storage, and with the help of other fellow members especially from the Penang team, I scoured down their Picasa and Flickr accounts and made some extraction. Compiling them together by choosing only the good ones, I made a massive upload.

So far the group’s gallery in Facebook Page is one of the most complete gallery’s that we have amassed even surpassing what the main site had. The next thing I did was tagging as many members as possible. Tagging will result into traffic and when there is traffic, there will be interaction and engagement going on.

The coolest part about jazzing up the page is the FBML functions. FBML or Facebook Markup Language is an HTML hybrid specialised for custom page scripting. This is vital for creating ads, landing pages or even squeeze pages.

TransMY @ Facebook FBML Landing Page
TransMY @ Facebook FBML Landing Page

The FBML landing page was composed using photo collages of past events. They were mashed up using Picasa and hyperlinked to TransMY’s registation page.

To entice more engagement to the page, I have also included Youtube reviews of the latest Transformers toys and Hasbro’s stock images. Fans love photos and getting these viral material will keep fans occupied for awhile before you add in a fresh new content.

Next step is recruitment drive. I will add friends of fans that appear in the Home feed. I add a label to categorise them. In this case I am using ‘TransMY’ as the label. After a week long ‘recruitment’, I will use the ‘Suggest to friends’ function and with the help of the friend filter, you can sort out groups that you want to invite. In this case I’ve selected TransMY and by clicking ‘Select all’, all uninvited/unjoin members will be mass invited to join the page.

The same method applies to another TransMY’s initiative – Transformers 3: Ascendant of  Cybertron (Malaysia) page.

TransMY @ Facebook Page Events
TransMY @ Facebook Page Events

The final element which is feel is important to ramp up the level of excitement is the ‘Events’ page. I have launched a few events that was targeted for this year and next year such as regular yumchars, movie premieres, expos and gatherings. After filling up the details, you can start mass inviting. You can start gauging the response from the RSVP’s made. The higher the better of course.

This will encourage members to ask questions regarding the event and the role of the admin is to keep them excited by replying all queries made by them. As the date gets nearer, new RSVPs can be seen adding up to the tally.

Facebook Pages for me are social media king. Before executing your social media campaign elsewhere, I would recommend starting of with Facebook Pages first will start to make a lot of sense!

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