Puduraya-LCCT-Telaga Harbour, Langkawi

tapasI left early today making way to LCCT. This is my first time actually ‘trying’ out a coach ride to LCCT. Woke up as early as 6.30am to ready myself. I had with me is 2 bags – a large and regular. Large one contains clothes and toiletries while the second one is packed with my gadgets – lappie and DSLR.

So, I boarded my coach for the 9am trip to Puduraya from Bidor.

The journey was smooth and the weather is fine. I hopped out from the coach at around 11.15am, a distance away from Puduraya coach terminal due to congestions in the terminal’s entrance. So, I walked for 5 minutes to the terminal and immediately recced around for StarShuttle’s (StarWira) booth.

I read it from the internet that the booth was located at Platform 23 (ground floor). So I went to the lower floor in search for the ticketing counter. I eventually found the ticketing counter and it was located at the south-west corner of the Puduraya bus terminal. To be exact, the staircase to the ticketing counter is actually facing Platform 20.

Still, as you descend from the staircase, the StarShuttle’s ticketing counter signboard is clearly visible as it was contrasting with the ground floor surroundings. I got my ticket instantly for RM12.00 and the waiting place is exactly beside the ticketing booth. No worries about being toasted to death as the suspended fans are strong enough to keep you cool without oozing a single drop of perspiration juice. The frequency of the bus is actually (approx) 45minutes, and their service to LCCT starts as early as 4.45am!

My coach arrived 15 minutes late leaving a nervous uncle who’s flight was bound for 2pm, sweating his guts out. Our journey started at 12.30pm and the coach is not packed at all. Midway we had a change of coach (unsure why) and the trip proceeded smoothly to KLIA and LCCT. We arrived at around 1.30pm at the peak of lunch. All the restaurants are full with patrons.

I surveyed around the floor for the check-in times, departure areas and of course, toilets! Only nearly 3pm, I had a quick lunch at KFC. It wasn’t pleasant as the table was littered with trays and oily table. I took my time devouring them chickens. Then I go back to the check-in zone waiting area and worked on my Visio on my laptop while waiting the time passing.

At 5.15pm I hurried to McDonalds to grab a quick snack. My check-in counter has opened. Without wasting time I finished the snack and checked-in. AirAsia bound for Langkawi was at counter 56 at that time. The queue was smooth as I am the only one at that moment. I entered the departure hall at 5.45pm, just 45 minutes away from my flying time. I sat at the 3rd row from the front. All the seating areas were literally full.

From the horizon dark clouds has descended. It seems like this flight is gonna be my first time flyin’ in the rain. I hope all goes well. Soon announcement was made and queues commenced. Everyone boarded the flight safely and the plane soon took-off. If you check the schedule, KL-Langkawi flight is around an hour’s flight. From my observation, it was actually 45minutes or less as the excess 15-20mins is actually time spent for the plane maneuvering around the runway before taking off or after touching down.

My AirAsia flight arrived safely at 7.45pm. Upon checking out I was ‘greeted’ by hordes of men in suits and tie, military uniform, armed policemen and frickin’ VIPs with loads of posh cars and limos with chauffeurs and bodyguards at bay. I just remembered, that day was actually day one of that freaking LIMA (Langkawi Internation Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition) shit! I am the only one clad in a hitchhiker’s clothing.

I made a call to Dave of where is his whereabouts. In less than 15 minutes Dave arrived in his Saga 1.3 rented car. Hopped in with my caboodled goods while behind us, more frickin’ VIP’s is making their way to the arrival hall. Pesky VIPs!

We soon arrived at Telaga Harbour Park. Grabbed few drinks from Petronas convenience store and hurried to the yacht. Soon after resting, we went to the marina office to get a quick shower. At nearly 9pm, we made our getaway to Tapaz, a Spanish restaurant at the Telaga Harbour main waterfront at Perdana Quay.

We had 8 types of tapas for the evening and scrambled off  to the yacht at 11.30pm and hitting the sack early because I am full and tired.

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14 years ago

That is definitely an incredible and in depth post, Thanks! Merry Christmas!