Spider Man III

Director: Sam Raimi
Genre: Action/Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Plot: Spiderman returns in struggling to save his relationship, proving his innocent past, battling two new villains and also battling his inner self which was amalgamated with an alien entity.
Starring: Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man/Peter Parker), Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane Watson), James Franco (New Goblin/Harry Osborn), Thomas Haden Church (Sandman/Flint Marko) & Topher Grace (Venom/Eddie Brock).


I have been anticipating this as much as I am anticipating Die Hard IV and Transformers. As much as I am arachnophobic, I will pass on this one as I am quite a fan for Spiderman every since my childhood days. Thanks to advanced CGI technology, our 80’s animated superhero was eventually brought to life.

The third was in fact a direct sequel from the 2nd. What I can tell is the story line could be much better if they didn’t crammed multiple plots in a short period of time. In the third Spidey was occupied with too much burden on his shoulder. That is the reason why the story was made in such a rush; at time too much CG’s and lack of character development.

Spidey’s story this time evolves around his conflict with Harry as Spidey was struggling to convince him that he wasn’t his dad’s murderer. Harry was so possessed with much hatred and anger vowed to kill Spidey until a duel that almost took his life. Harry collapsed and was hospitalised, but thanks to Spidey he survived from his injuries. He experienced a short memory loss only to regain his senses normally again as a result from the retention of his late dad.


He recovered and eventually set to destroy Spidey via hearts and minds, thus getting involved in a triangular relationship with Mary Jane. Peter was infuriated and as his anger inclined towards the darkside more, the symbiote black goo was overpowering him by giving him a hip and nasty look, a stylish appeal and an elegant metro sexual with a bad boy image that wowed ladies. He eventually flirted with Gwen, the police chief commissioner’s daughter that he have saved earlier from a high rise fall.


Everything around Peter was too unkind. Even the city police disappoint him by informing him and his aunt May that the murderer of their Uncle Ben was still actually still at large. The trail eventually leads to Flint Marko aka Sandman. What hurt the most, Flint who was actually jailed managed to escape from prison and became a fugitive until a police chase transformed his life forever when he fell into an experimental sand pit. The operators of the sand pit operated the high speed vortex beam that eventually turned Flint into Sandman.


Consecrated to help his disabled son, Sandman create havoc in the city by conducting series of bank robberies and making a muck out of the law enforcements until he meets Spiderman. Spiderman who learnt about Sandman’s misdeameanor was so determined to exterminate him as his dark side diminishes his actual duties, thus fabricating Spiderman into a ruthless and vengeful character. A duel ensued in the underground rail tracks when Spidey uses water, which was a source of weakness of the Sandman and washed him off the sewage line.


Spidey’s rowdiness offended a Eddie Brock, a fellow journalist who Spidey sees as a compatitor in his career ladder. Eddie Brock was a bright and ambitious character his hatred towards Spiderman was unstoppable that he wanted Spidey dead.

This new movie from the Spiderman trilogy has been much anticipated with the new villains, the black custome and the ongoing battle between Harry and him fighting his demons of Spiderman killing his father, the Green Goblin. What followed imo was a real mess of a storyline which suffered of too much special effects and trying to be to clever and characters that imo did not get the limelight they deserved.

Venom was a real villain who was not stealing and being destructive because of some mis fortune like Octogon and Sandman, he was really a bad dude who had let his bitterness get the better of him. The end fight scene between him and Spiderman was good but I think he deserved more attention because he had more attitude and power than Spiderman, he seemed to me an evil, suped up version of Spiderman. I even liked the guy who became Venom, he had character but he did not get to see much of the limelight with it more shown on Sandman and Harry.

Harry returns as the new Goblin and I’m sorry but that fight and tension between the two once Harry relised who Spiderman was flopped like a deflated balloon. What eventuated after their first fight seemed like a weak excuss for them to get back to friends with the final scene ending the whole scenerio.


I heard from a close friend who used to read the comic that the black Spiderman saga latest a whole year while in the movie it lasted for an hour or so. I wonder just how much else was followed by the comic? Was Sandman really a mix of a good guy and a bad guy (like Octogon??).

While it was enjoyable and had special memorable moments like Peter Parker becoming ‘emo’, it has failed to reach the same heights as one and even number two. Lets hope that the creators and people involved decide to go out on a high, rather than try for another one. Three is a good number, so lets stick to that….

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