Filler: Lil’ Mosquito

mosquito.jpgDarren forwarded me this, and I decided to share it with you guys so you guys can get annoyed just like I do. You will get a mixed feeling whether you are gonna laugh about it cos it was plain funny or get totally annoyed with Lil’ Mosquito’s naive stupidity.

By listening to this clip, you agree not to develop hatred towards Lil’s Mosquito by wanting so much to bitch-slapping her in her face. Hehe…

By the way this is the first time I ever heard a caller being lambasted on air…live!

Feels like slapping someone now?

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16 years ago

Lil’ mosquito actually reminded me of someone I knew long time ago. To be honest, I REALLY felt like bitch slapping her at that moment. Credits to the djs though, I like the way he tried to bitch slap her physically, but can’t. It just show, how naive and stupid youngsters can be without proper family guidance. Sad….

Me: Not to sound sexist or mysogynist like Bung Mokhtar (Kinabatngan) & Mohd.Said (Jasin), but Lil’ Mosquito deserve to get a bitch-slap just as hard as the NGO bitch-slapping Bung & Said. Bwahahahaha

16 years ago

hehehhehe. dat sai man really deserves a slap. duno whether to say dat she’s naive or stupid.

anyway, aren’t you glad that your baby is not someone like sai man??

16 years ago

yeah .. heard this b4.. really wanna gif her 1 big kick on the face …