Photo Dilemma

canon40d.jpgOn my way home from work I stopped by at the minimart to buy some stuff. As always, I will grab a copy of my favorite computer magazine Micromart before proceeding to checkout. To my disappointment, the mag was sold out today.

Feeling unsatisfied of not being able to grab any readables, I intentionally browsed through the neighbouring shelves randomly on almost any magazine just to try picking some potential substitute, and after few minutes struggling with my indecisiveness, my hands landed up on Amateur Photographer (AP) magazine, what supposed to be my very first (bought-in) photography magazine.

The feeling was great.

I’ve just break the record of buying a non-PC related magazine for the first time. Though I’m not yet a photographer (but soon to be!), it was my enthusiasm towards Canon DSLR that triggered me into buying that magazine.The frontpage features EOS 40D, the newly released DSLR dedicated to amateur to pro level photographers. Though it wasn’t the one I’m trying to get (which was EOS 400D), the frontpage victoriously grabbed my attention in an instance with its kit depicted in full glory at the cover .

Thus, I was glued to it during my spare time after that reading through the articles like a know-how. As per initial release 40D is gonna cost £900 in UK, retail. Bundled up with good spec & brand lenses, the whole damage might rake up to nearly 2K at least. Since my life was run on budgeting, 40D is not something that will be within my reach anytime soon. Having said that, even 400D is tough for me to acquire as the price still remained the same, £450 for a basic kit which is still way to dear for me at the moment.

Photography is something I have wanted to get involved in seriously, but still haven’t got the chance. Acquiring compact digicams like Powershot A95 and taking thousands of shots was already a satisfaction back in those days. But now, I really want more. Perhaps making side incomes of doing it seriously just like some friends did.

Not to mention the people around me poisoned me alot such as close buddies (Seon & Keng Woo – yeah you!) and colleagues who are all cam freaks.

Damn. I already got my first photography magazine today. So when can I acquire my first DSLR? Feels like splurging my hard-earned abruptly without proper homework.

Damn. That’s so dangerous to execute.

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16 years ago

I have 40d on my table now. blek bleks!!

The market at msia here is pricing it at RM4600 (body) and above. The last I heard that Photo Selangor is pricing it at RM4200.

Don’t worry lah. I’ll get it for u after 6 months. hehehe.

Me: Thanks babe! You are the sweetest. But i wont let that happen. Better keep your hard-earned for something more meaningful ok?