Absolutely Fuzzed

Ah, its been a while i last wrote in this journal. Today TransMY is holding another gath in Shashi’s house for a BBQ + potluck gath. Nice, but damn..im so far away. The TransMYians had good fun lately and damn, i can;t wait to be home. 2005 will definitely be a year of travel for me – first in my list, back home then throughout europe. When i ‘conquered’ europe, i will conquer china, taiwan, HK, korea & Japan. Hope can get settled with my career soon.

Called Ray past midnight just to inform him im gonna come down to London on tuesday since kok hoong has returned from his Paris Disney trip. Then is best cos i just recovered from a 2 week migruenza (migraine+influenza) illness (yes that 2 week sux big time cos i have to postpone my visit to London twice). Haven’t yet contact Kok hoong so i haven’t book my train ticks yet, but saw him posted in the forum askin me out yumchar. If everything go smoothly, on Tuesday i will get holla with Ray & Hoong in Chinatown with a long session guy talk from Leicester Square to Tottenham Court Rd wherevr the flow takes us.

UK weather really sux lately and many people is getting ill..i just recovered but some friends just started. *LOL* – wish the the best of luck in medication. Ah, been waiting in MSN for the dudes to update me abt the BBQ gath…surely anticipate pics from Jeff & Neo98. *tappin fingers*

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