Drizzlin Sunday

Ah, its a day of 2 friends b’day – one is Annie and one is my good bud’s gf – Cherry. Did turn up at the dinner. Spent 5 bottles of wines for our table where 2 of it are courtesy of Charlie, the manager of the restaurant whom i know well.

Had toasts and toasts all over again until all the guys feel tipsy. Keng Woo is the worst but he got a ‘comforter’ which saves his ass time and time again. Wai Kyan is kinda down, Teh is still ok, Sean can’t take much cos he is a monk, Ivan ‘off’ soon, well the gals busy lookin and cheering. The nite was great and everyone had good fun with good food and good wine and of course good company courtesy of the staffs of the restaurant and the manager who gave us discounts and free wines.

Then, the gang head off to Fuel, a local pub just across the road. Teh & Ivan was competing amongst each other – sipping tequilas. As the nite grew old, many left cos tired and schleepy…Wai Kyan had to get up early to catch his train to Surrey – oh yes, to the Army barracks where he gonna start a raw recruit in RAMEE (Royal Army Engineers). Dun remember whats the base name (hope is not Deepcut!). The gang will surely miss him. His crew-cut today rawks tho…

The gang survived with Teh – drunk, Ivan – intoxicated, Cherry & Keng Woo – oh yes, drunk, me? Still tryina finish my Guinness (damn im old). It was rainy and the patrons of Fuel is leaving stage by stage. The bar shouted last drink orders before they pack up. Who cares? We just stare at each other’s silly acts and antics until the pub close. Another day over. Not sure if im sendin’ off Wai Kyan cos its cold and oh yes, its 6am. Not sure if im gonna get up that early. Ah, wateva…

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