Yet Another Tuesday

Woke up nearly 6am. Awaken by Yau’s call asking me whether i’m going to London or not. I said i wasn’t going cos im so damn exhausted. Had a short sleep and get up, online for a while…messing about my PC and take a nap again till 5pm.

Teh came over and ask him if he wanted to watch ‘Bourne Supremacy’. He agreed. He left and hurried home while I cooked after the gals finished theirs..Chatted with bro about the TransMY merdeka design banners.

Had my meal n shower and then walked to Teh’s house. I was drizzlin’ but hell..i’m in my shorts & trainers getting semi-soaked. Surprisingly the rain wasn’t that chilling.

Half way to myvue cinema, we ran cos the rain is getting heavier…the commuters was stearing as if we are runnin’ from trouble. Reached the cinema soakin wet. Teh & Wai Kyan sorted out the ticks while i get my choc at the till.

It was screen 9 (large!). Keng Woo n Cherry arrived later not sure where they seated but we are on the bottom section. Movie started at 8.15pm and yes, we did have a great time cos the movie was cool. Is like watching Infernal Affairs III.

Return home at 10.30pm – and drizzlin’. Online and mess about Ah, Yau Heng responded to my invitation.

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