Ill Defiant

flu.jpgI was down with flu, coughs and sore throat again as a result from dust attack. No, I am not eating or playing with dust lar if that is what you think.

It was caused by the most recent box-packing activities that Shipping To Malaysia rushed me. I had to ransack my ‘archive’ out with stuffs like gears, books, notes, wearables, ornaments from the cupboard and storeroom to get them packed hastily. Some items are smouldered with dust as it was put away for eons now until I ‘unearth’ them once again to be packed and transported home.

I have had these allergies towards dusts and cat furs that trigger asthma. My asthma has been dormant now, and the only constant threat that I was so worried about is the presence of huge amount of dusts or cats that makes me so cautious about the environment I am in.

Honestly speaking, dusts and cat fur are like krytonite to me. Get it near me or around me in huge amounts; it can immediately subvert my immune system. As a result of that, I will fall sick through suffocation and difficulty in breathing. Early symptoms of the attack will be breathing difficulties, throat irritation, runny nose/flu, coughs and sneezes. Serious stage will be migraines/headaches, wheezing breathes and eventually bed-ridden!

My last asthma attack was in 2001. I was bed-ridden for more than a week skipping classes and lectures. Near serious attacks happens almost imminently each time every CNY spring-cleaning; and that is simply inevitable. Knowing that the presence of dusts produced from all those dusting activities, I have to get my brother to aid me in doing those dirty jobs, or else I will down ill by the time CNY eve arrives.

As much as I love spring cleaning at home, I hated the fact that inhaling huge amount of dust can literally make me sick and thus, spoiling my day. I am not sure if there is any cure for this but as far as I know, I have pretty good excuse to avoid doing cleaning task that involves huge amount of dusting!

A funny incident happened when I was trying to get some paracetamol in my local convenience store to treat my illness. As I was requesting for two different brands of medicine at the till, the staff refused to let me have the second pack. He didn’t tell me why, so I proceeded in asking for another brand of medicine that contains paracetamol. Again, he refused and informed me that their ‘new’ policy says that for each buy, there cannot be more than 1 item containing paracetamol. I was like WTF? I asked him back why, and guess what his reply was?

He told me that someone who was trying to commit suicide by consuming shitloads of paracetamol few months back, had the convenience store sued in court for letting him/her acquiring multiple packs of paracetamol for his/her imbecilic suicidal purpose. So unfortunate that assholes like this who doesn’t appreciate life and wanted to die so much was being rescued seconds before shutting them self down. Thanks to their stupidity, they still have the guts to sue the store that have no knowledge about their intention whatsoever and make them suffer as a result from the court costs.

For crying out loud, go and hang yourself or jump off a high storey building of something instead of swallowing huge amount of paracetamol you fucktard! That’s lame, and just because of one idiot, the policy was put on effect affecting innocent and needy patient like us!

Fuck ya’ll suicidal assholes. Wanna die don’t trouble people lah!

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17 years ago

Didn’t know you are allergic to dust and cat’s fur. Well, maybe mask can help. You know, those mouth mask?

Me: Oiks! No maskkara for me ok! Heheh..

17 years ago

no need wear any mask. just don’t do anymore cleaning. get a maid to do it for u or something.

btw, my nose will get damn itchy when i get near dust as well. then i will sneeze non stop. then i will get rudolph’s nose. but nvr will i get flu or cough. damn those dust. dat explains why i seldom clean my room. hehehehe.

17 years ago

Men!! I will clean your room if you pay me…hehehe 😛

17 years ago

haha… get someone to clean ur hse la.. get a wife ok …