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courier.jpgI was in my deep sleep when suddenly the phone rang. I thought it was my morning alarm, but i quickly dismissed that as it was in fact a call from a Malay lady. (jeng jeng..suspense leh?)

Me: Hello???
Lady: Ello, itu Mr.Wong ka?
Me: Yea, saya. You siapa?
Lady: Saya Hamidah lah, dari Shipping To Malaysia.
Me: Oooh.., ha, bila nak mai ke Plymouth?
Lady: In 2 days kita mai.
Me: Wah? Weekend tak boleh kah dalam 4 hari?
Lady: Tak boleh lah sebab trip kita dah memang kat area you.
Me: Ok, ok, kalau camtu kasi I satu call bila you sampai ok. Takut masa you call I ada kat tempat kerja.
Lady: Ok Mr.Wong. Karang kita kasi call.
Me: Thanks
Lady: Tengkyu.

That means in 2 days I gotta rush myself into packing 2 giants boxes for collection in 2 days!

Oh, just in case you don’t know who I am dealing with it was actually Shipping To Malaysia, the courier service that was setup by our local Malaysian guy based in Manchester. I have been shipping stuffs using his service with a good cheap rate. It feels like home as when we meet or communicate, we will use Malay. Their collection staffs are excellent and friendly too as they will come to lepak in my place for awhile before going to their next collection point. The only problem about them is punctuality as they will normally turn up late. But overall their service is reasonably good.

Where can you find a service that was entirely operated by local Malaysian, cheap and economical? When I say cheap, you only pay £28 for an economy sized box 5.625 cu ft, £22.00 for a medium size box 3.75 cu ft OR if you plan to ship your ‘whole house’, you can opt to use a large trunk, 18.22 cu ft which costs £99.

For ya’ll bloggers in UK who doesn’t know this service exist, be sure you support our local homeboys by going to their website here. Get in touch with them and get your stuff shipped back home with no hassle.

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17 years ago

Cool. Thanks for the info. Might be usefull in the future ^_^