Missed Delivery

Missed a parcel that was delivered to my door step on Friday the 3rd. And due to the UK postal strike, that means I wont be getting any redeliveries anytime soon. Even a message dropped via their site won’t help as I don’t see any signs of the posties on a calm Saturday morning.

I was so expecting them.

On Saturday, I surfed their website and requested a redelivery on Monday. Yet they failed me. They made me walk today, under the hot sun to a near-two-mile suburb PO called Mutley. Gah!

After getting my stuff, I have to make a ‘rewalk’ back home. Total walk-time is 45 minutes. Parcel intact but wrapper torn and tattered on some sides. Luckily, the contents are fine.

After 2 attempts of requesting redeliveries via their website for Saturday and Monday, I received their email on Wednesday; that was 2 days after getting my stuff. And the content says;

Thank you for your email.

We are currently experiencing higher than average email volumes and hope to reply to your enquiry within the next 24-48 hours. Please accept our

Apologies for any inconvenience our delay in reply may cause.

If your email is regarding one of the following services please click on the relevant link below to answer your enquiry.

I was wondering if the posties webmaster also go on strike?? Don’t they just respond to emails? And don’t they check the inventory before replying as my parcel was already claimed 2 days earlier before this email was released?

Parcelforce no force duh. Assholes.

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