9th By-Election in 9th State

bagan pinang by-electionThere we go again! Another by-election for Pakatan Rakyat to test their ground has just appeared with the death of BN’s assemblyman Azman Md.Noor, the incumbent of Bagan Pinang, a small Malay concentrated constituency located in the south of Port Dickson.

With issues of Hindu temple in Selangor and Kg.Buah Pala still looming around, this breaking news was indeed a karma-come-around slap in the Election Commission’s face for favouring BN in the Perak constitutional crisis.

Nonetheless, it was still quite a tough task for Pakatan to convince voters in a BN stronghold plus recent incidents has touched much of the Indian community particularly in Penang and Selangor state.

We will have to leave it to the smart masterminds behind Pakatan’s machinery to reverse these sensitive issues to their favor in terms of strength and confidence so that Pakatan can continue it’s glorious smackdown winning all by-E’s in the peninsular. Malaysia politics was never as good as this ever since the 2008 political tsunami.

Let us all punish Hishamuddin for his arrogance in defending the irresponsible cow-head hoarders in Shah Alam and Muhyiddin’s sarcastic remarks on Perak constitutional crisis. PAS can do it in Bagan Pinang.

Hidup Pakatan.

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