Malaysian Most Annoying Road Habit is Tailgating

tailgatingAccording to an online poll conducted as part of the Malaysians Unite for Road Safety (MUFORS), aggressive tailgating and drivers who don’t use their car indicators are some of the most annoying habits on Malaysian roads.

Out of 1,000 participants to date, 11.2 per cent felt that tailgating, which includes forcing other drivers to make way and flashing of headlights, annoys them most while another 11.2 per cent have a problem with drivers who don’t use their indicators.

Mat Rempit (9 per cent) and road-hoggers (8.8 per cent) also stood out as annoying habits on Malaysian roads. The 15 most annoying Malaysian road habits listed in the poll include beating traffic lights, driving above the speed limit, driving on emergency lanes, making illegal U-turns, jay walking, haphazard parking and talking on the handphone while driving.

Mufors is a community project set up to allow Malaysians to voice out their thoughts and concerns on road safety in the country.

The initiative, which started on 18 August, is focused on the website and is supported by Plus Expressways Berhad (Plus) and its partners.

Malaysians can also make a pledge on how to reduce accidents and save lives, and honour these pledges on September 9th between the hours of 9am and 9pm.

“Our fervent hope is that these pledges honoured over a 12-hour period will transform into a lifetime of change. We hope each of us takes ownership of road safety and this transforms into a culture,” said Noorizah Hj Abdul Hamid, the managing director of Plus and chairman of Mufors.

“This initiative belongs to all Malaysians. We would like to join all Malaysians to support and compliment the government’s efforts in promoting road safety and saving lives. We urge all Malaysians to rally behind this initiative as it is related to an issue that involves all of us without exception,” she added.

I:  Tailgating seems to be the method of road-stalking for many Malaysians.

Source: TMI

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